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KCE351 Diamond Hoop Earrings

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KCE351CE 50X1.3MM 0.50 TCW
KCE351-1CE 60X1.3MM 0.60 TCW
KCE351-4CE 84X1.3MM 0.84 TCW
KCE351-2CE 100X1.3MM 1.00 TCW
KCE351-6CE 126X1.3MM 1.26 TCW
KCE351-3CE 156X1.3MM 1.56 TCW
KCE351-5CE 200X1.3MM 2.00 TCW

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KCE351CE 50X1.3MM 0.50 TCW, KCE351-1CE 60X1.3MM 0.60 TCW, KCE351-4CE 84X1.3MM 0.84 TCW, KCE351-2CE 100X1.3MM 1.00 TCW, KCE351-6CE 126X1.3MM 1.26 TCW, KCE351-3CE 156X1.3MM 1.56 TCW, KCE351-5CE 200X1.3MM 2.00 TCW



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