About Us


In your trading experience with Kawaii gold & diamonds, you will realize that we are not just a jewelry manufacturer near you but also your special jeweler. Kawaii gold & diamonds is a Turkish owned jewelry manufacturing company  that was established to provide people with quality gold and diamonds. The Founder, Benyamin Duzgun believed in a mixture of craftsmanship and production of quality ornaments. This belief has been the strength of our existence till date.


Our passion to consistently meets clients demand and also create various kind of jewelry for all events has distinguished us from our competitors. We specialize in creating awesome designs and selling fine diamond jewelry.We are good at designing jewelry that catches everyone attention. Kawaii gold & diamonds is reliable, welcoming and flexible in all operation.This implies that an awe-inspiring jewelry can be accessed by you.

The gold and diamond handcrafted jewelry from us are carefully created to provide you with perfect ornaments that are suitable for your special events. The company's products range from diamond bridal sets, engagement rings, wedding band sets to gold earrings, necklace, and bracelets.


Our teams are reputed for excellent service delivery, responsive customer support service, loyalty marketing and experience in e-commerce. We are much concerned about clients 100% satisfaction. We exist to deliver top-notch services to our clients.


When planning to purchase gold or diamond jewelry, much thought and consideration are required. We've invested much time and effort in carefully selecting properly handcrafted jewelry that helps in providing you with quality ornaments for any of your events. From birthdays, engagements to special holidays and anniversaries, we've gotten something spectacular for every occasion.

At Kawaii gold & diamonds, we clearly understand that current generation clients are classy in nature and such attribute can be personalized. To deliver incomparable service to these customers, we have a state of the art store that can craft that desired piece for you.

The value we place on our product quality is the reason why we are ahead of our competitors. This attribute combined with highly competitive pricing option and unending commitment to superior customer support service is why you are offered great value in your business transaction with us.

Come and experience the largest collection of gold and diamond jewelry created by our professional jewelers. Whatever style or designer jewelry you ever love to have, It's right here in our store. Come explore and discover it by yourself.